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Programs & Projects


Pre-school / Feeder Program

Basic Development Partners (BDP) has been implementing Pre-School (we call Feeder School) since 1999. Our objectives are to prepare the children both physically and mentally and also create their eagerness to enter into grade I in a regular school. Our teachers are trying to make them understand that schools are not the place for education only rather it is a place of lots of funs.

Non - Formal Education Program

Basic Development Partners (BDP) has about 50 schools in six working areas of 5 districts. We started our schools under the tree or someone house. After few years, people from the locality donated a piece of land to build a school for their children. BDP is very much successfully run the primary school with cooperation of the local people...

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Vocational Education Program

BDP's beneficiaries mostly are from poor family. They do not go for higher education due to their poverty. They need to help their parents in the field or they need to earn money to support their family. BDP provides them short course of technical education like welding, electrical , mechanical, carpentry or computer education to get better employment rather than day laborer or rickshaw puller...

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High School Program

BDP discovered that many students who are graduated from BDP primary school can not continue their high school education due to poverty. They are not able to afford the educational expenses. So, BDP started a high school in Gazipur in 2013 with the financial support from School Aid Japan (SAJ) of Japan. It is a very modern high school and the school environment is excellent.

Clean Water & Sanitation Program

Pure Clean drinking water is very much important for human body but it is becoming more difficult in the villages specially southern part of Bangladesh. Surface level water is very much arsenic polluted . People need to collect water from deep tube well from long distant. BDP sunk many deep tube wells in the villages surrounding area of BDP schools. The numbers of open latrine are reducing now a days but still there are some, BDP is working on that issue.

Nutrition / Health & Hygiene / Advocacy and Awareness Program

Most of the BDP students come from the very poor and illiterate family. They do not have any idea of nutrition, health and Hygiene. They are suffering from malnutrition and it cost them many diseases. They can get green vegetable from their garden . They do not have much knowledge how to keep themselves clean. BDP provides them lessons regarding health in the class.




Complementing the SDGs No 1, and aligning with our national policy to eradicate poverty from Bangladesh in year 2041. BDP's SRDP-MIF initiative hopes to alleviate self-development and independence among beneficiaries through small and medium-size entrepreneurship, thus breaking the cycle of the curse (POVERTY) in their lives and also from the community.


BDP discovered that many children who are physically challenged (hearing impaired/ down syndrome/autistic) tend to be neglected by the society/community as a curse of their family. BDP's Health Education Autism & Rehabilitation Program is targeted to this address these children who were...

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Student Assistance Program

To facilitate the continuation of education of BDP graduates from BDP primary schools. BDP's student assistance program encourages and ensures these children' education who are meritorious but lack financial support to continue their education further. With the continuing support from our partner agency in collaboration with BDP these poor children have a secure path to mainstream education from high school to even tertiary education.

Climate Advocay & Tree Plantation

Basic Development Partners (BDP) is a non-profit organization arranges tree plantation program in each BDP working areas sponsored by Japan Asian Association & Asian Friendship Society (JAFS), Osaka, Japan. BDP distributed 5000 (five thousand) mango saplings among all BDP students and member of micro finance (one sapling for each) on June 20th, 2022...

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