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NON FORMAL Education Program


Education Initiative Background ...

Basic Development Partners (BDP) is a national Non-Government Organization (NGO) working since July 1999. It is a child and women-focused organization.

Our main objectives are education for those who can not afford to go to school or the schools are far from their locality. BDP builds schools in remote rural areas where there are no government or no schools. BDP also has some schools in the urban areas where many of the students and their families are slum dwellers.

They are very much poor as their parents are doing a casual job. We have also some co-curriculum activities in schools like raising health consciousness among the students, annual sports, discussion about the importance of several national days.

We also arrange eye camp for the students and examine their eyes and provide them with proper treatment with glass (optical), medicine if needed. Our resources are very limited.

We can not help every student for their higher education after graduation from BDP primary school. We select some bright but poor students and provide them some financial assistance to continue their higher education.

Education is a fundamental right of every human being. Bangladesh Constitution recognized this right and enjoins on the State “to adopt effective measures for removing illiteracy”. “Education is the backbone of a nation”. No development can be sustained without education. Basic Development Partners (BDP) realized this and gave the top priority.

Our students come from very low-income family and we also understand they will not be able to survive for higher education. They will be dropped out just after completion of primary chool. Because they need to work and income for themselves. So BDP arranged vocational education for them. So that they can enter into the job market as a skilled person and will be financially benefited.

The "HOPE" we find in....





Pre- primary Schooling


Basic Development Partners (BDP) has been implementing Pre-school program activity in each of the BDP primary schools since 1999. Our objective of the pre-school Education Program is to prepare children physically and mentally fit along with creating eagerness for entering primary school in grade one (I). BDP pre-school education program also creates socialization of children through child-friendly games and activity.

The academic year starts from January 01 and ends on 31 December. BDP presently conducts 56 pre-school centers in BDP (6/Six) working areas. The children completes one year of pre-school education, during the whole year the students sits for monthly and half-yearly exams.

The feeder (pre-school) passing rate for the annual examination is 95%. All the feeder children presently receives free education and along with their free educational materials like chalk, pencil, Slate, khata, books and other materials.

Calendar Month Jan-Dec.

1. Drawing.

2. Numbers.

3. Alphabets.

4. Rhymes.

5. National Anthem.

6. Physical activity / Sports.


Morning shift (Only) 8:am - 10:am. Co-education only, students age starting from 4years(minimum) with one year compulsary pre-primary education, following the pre-school syllabus of NCTB.

primary Schooling


Basic Development Partners (BDP), presently with Forty-two (42) primary schools in six (6) BDP working areas, with schools conducting elementary Primary schools (grade I to V). Academic year begins on January and commences on December, within which children enrolls into the forty-two (42) BDP Non-formal Primary schools in six different working areas in Bangladesh. PSC examination is 96%.

All the primary schools' & children get to recieve free education along with educational materials such as free textbooks/pencil/pen/exercise books/slates/and other teaching-learning materials. The passing rate of annual final examination of the student from grade 1 to grade V is 90% of all BDP school. Primary School Certificate (PSC) examination in November each calender year BDP school (grade-5) students successfully attends & pass the PCS. The passing rate of the countrywide

BDP teachers organize, every year two months long (September & October - calender month ), special coaching class for all the grade V children especially for Math and English subject for the better result in the countrywide grade V examination Primary School Certificate examination.

Calendar Month Jan-Dec.

1. Bangla.

2. English.

3. Mathmatics.

4. Science

5. Social Science

6. Religion


Morning shift 8:am - 12:30am. Day Shift 1:00pm - 4:30pm. Co-education only, students age starting from 6years(minimum) with five years compulsary primary education, following the primary school syllabus of NCTB.


Upon completion of five years primary education, graduates sits for nation-wide Primary School Certificate Exam (P.S.C).